Power production up in different hydropower projects


    Phalebas (Parbat), April 22:

    modi_intakeAt a time when the country is facing acute load shedding, electricity production has gone up at different hydropower projects in Parbat district.

    The power production has increased at Modi khola Hydropower Project , Deupur, and Lower Modi khola-1 Hydropower Project, Chuwa, since one week as snow started melting.

    The power production was increased by 2 MW at the Modi khola Hydropower Project and 1MW at Lower Modikhola-1 Hydropower Project.

    Water level has increased in local streams after snow started melting since the past few days.

    The Modi khola Hydropower Project, Deupur, is now generating 5.5 MW electricity while Lower Modi khola-1 Hydropower Project is producing 4.15 MW electricity.

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