On the World’s Top Level of Dam Intelligent Construction


    Congratulations to Xiluodu Hydropower Project for wining 2016 Year Award of Outstanding Project by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC).

    The 13.86GW (18x770MW) Xiluodu hydroelectric power plant on Jinsha River, China was fully completed and commissioned in June 2014, becoming the world’s third biggest hydroelectric power plant. CTG’s 22.5-GW Three Gorges project in Hubei Province, is the planet’s largest hydro facility followed by the 14-GW Itaipu hydro project in Brazil/Paraguay.

    The Jinsha River flows through the multiple levels dam body spillways and four gigantic tunnel spillways having a total discharge capacity of 52,300 m3/s and a total discharging energy of 100,000 MW.

    The Xiluodu dam is a double-curvature concrete arch dam which stands at 285.5m high having the most complicated structures in the world.

    “The China Three Gorges Corporation has developed important technologies including precise blasting, digital cooling and grouting, intelligent vibrating and temperature control, which ensured no temperature cracking during the 6.8 million cubic meters dam concrete pouring.”

    “The innovative ideas and technologies of the Xiluodu Project have given the project a leading position in the world in intelligent construction of mass concrete structures, which has successfully solved the dam crack problem, a world class difficult issue,” said Professor Luis Berga, Honorary President of International Committee on Large Dams.

    Source : Guoli Chen