Nepal’s Diesel Dependence: Rs 88 Billion Imported in First Eight Months


Kathmandu, March 20

Goods worth Rs 103 billion have been imported into the country in the first eight months of the current fiscal year.

Petroleum products dominated the list with diesel being the top import goods at Rs 88.88 billion. The country has imported around 843,000 kilolitres worth of diesel in the past eight months.

Second in line is petrol as 450,000 kilolitres worth of petrol worth Rs 44.63 billion was imported by Nepal. Third is cooking as Nepal imported gas worth Rs 35.87 billion over the past eight months.

Metal is next as sponge iron worth Rs 25.91 billion was imported into the county followed by hot rolled sheets (HR Sheets). Smartphones worth Rs 19.37 billion were imported into the country while medicine worth Rs 17.96 billion came into the country. Eighth on the list in gold as the country saw gold worth Rs 16.12 billion brought into the country.


Source : Online Khabar