Nepal Takes a Technological Leap with First Automated Power Substation in Morang


The first automated power substation in Nepal is set to be constructed at Paitishbighe, Letang Municipality-2 in Morang, to make the power supply systematic, reliable and effective.

Mayor of Letang Municipality Bhupendra Kumar Lawati and Umesh Kumar Jha, head of Nepal Electricity Authority Koshi Regional Office, Biratnagar, jointly laid the foundation stone of the substation.

According to Jha, the substation to be constructed in one bigha of land in Letang will be Nepal’s first automated facility, which would be controlled and monitored from remote control.

The contract for the construction of the 6-8 MVA substation has been awarded to Sohan Construction and Jai Durge Construction Services.

Sohan Construction has been handling the transmission line work, whereas Jai Durge Construction Services has been undertaking the construction of the substation as part of the project, said Jha.

The project is slated to be constructed with an investment of Rs. 170 million, he added.  As per the agreement, the construction companies are scheduled to complete the project by mid-December 2024, he informed.

Jha mentioned that over 10 per cent of the transmission line work has already been completed.

The installation work for the 6-8 MVA power transmission poles covering the 18 km stretch from Keraun Chowk to the site designated for the Letang substation has been successfully completed.

“The installation of poles from Keraun Chowk to Kanepokhari and from Kanepokhari to Letang has been completed,” he said, adding, “The next phase will involve fixing cables onto the poles.”

The authority has already completed the construction of a station with a capacity of 137-111 MVA in Keraun, Kanepokhari-2, Morang.

The electricity generated will be distributed from the same centre to Biratchowk, Letang, and Rangeli.

Likewise, Mayor Lawati made an appeal to the local residents, urging them to cooperate during the construction phase citing that it is an ambitious plan.

He said, “If any problems arise during the construction, solutions will be promptly sought through discussions among the political parties.”

Once the substation is constructed, it will provide a permanent solution to the issue of low voltage faced by the local residents.

Source: Rising Nepal