NEA made history in Power supply


    Nepal Electricity Authority seems successful in managing day-to-day increasing electricity demand. Energy demand management of NEA was highly praised after it supplied 1030 MW peak power yesterday and it is the highest electricity supply in the history of power supply. Out of 1030 MW Nepal Electricity Authority power plant supplied 420 MW, Independent Power Producers supplied 270 MW and 340 MW was imported. It was assumed that yesterday Peak Demand was around 1330 MW out of which 300 MW was load shedding.

    The demand for energy is projected to reach around 8,000 megawatt within the next 15 years, which is sufficient to achieve modest growth of around six percentages. An independent study jointly conducted by the National Planning Commission (NPC) and Investment Board Nepal (IBN) has made a forecast that per capita electricity consumption will reach 700 kilowatt hour per year (kWh/year) by 2030, which can be met through total installed capacity of 8,000 MW.

    The NEA forecasts demand of energy based on the demand accrued in its current installed capacity. Since the present demand and supply of electricity in the country is based on shrinkage parameter, the electricity demand is forecast to increase by 3,200 MW in the next decade. As per NEA, the current energy deficit stands at 45 per cent.

    – Rajmi Aryal