NEA Admits: No Record of TOD Meter Found


KATHMANDU, Dec 27: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has confirmed before the court that it does not have any record of the Time of Day (TOD) meter.

In a letter submitted to the Sunsari District Court on September 28, the NEA stated that it cannot provide download data for that period because the new data from the TOD meter replaced the old data.

On August 30, the court issued a letter to the NEA regarding the reference to Reliance Spinning Mills. While replying to the same letter, the NEA officials admitted that they did not have any records of the TOD meter.

A similar response was provided by the NEA to the Makwanpur District Court. The data download report for the TOD meter of Shivam Cement was sent to the respective distribution center, citing the unavailability of records for the mentioned period, as such records are not maintained for an extended period.

Although the NEA has publicly stated that it has TOD meter records, the NEA has stated that it does not have any records while responding to the court.

As per the Electricity Distribution Regulations of 2069 BS, if technical issues with a customer’s TOD meter result in inaccurate consumption readings, causing billing discrepancies, the amount will be discounted based on the analysis of the meter’s download data. However, the NEA has stated that it does not have access to the necessary download data.

Source: Republica