Ncell to promote off-grid power solutions


    Ncell has reached an agreement with Gham Power Pvt Ltd to promote off-grid power solutions, making it possible for communities out of national electricity grid in Khotang and Udaypur to avail both energy and telecom services.

    Ncell said that it will take anchor load of solar power generated by three micro-grids in Okhaldhunga and Khotang district, thereby making its off-grid systems commercially viable.

    As the micro grids also have surplus capacity, Ncell believes that the collaboration contributes to off-grid electrification of communities, creating new economic opportunities and social benefits for the people.

    The solar micro-grids are built by Gham Power with financial support from Asian Development Bank.

    “Ncell is trying to create herein win-win for off-grid power solutions for the larger benefit of the rural communities,” Andras Pali, ICT director of Ncell, adding: “While we guarantee anchor load, Gham Power can distribute the surplus energy to communities, making household lighting and productive economic activities possible for the people living around the sites.”

    Source : Republica