Marsyangdi hydropower plant defies seasonal trends, generates electricity at full capacity


Even in winter, the Marsyangdi hydropower station located in Abukhaireni Rural Municipality-4 of Tanahun is generating electricity at its full capacity.

Pashupati Gautam, chief of the centre, said that 69 megawatts of electricity was generated from the project due to the high flow of water in the rivers.

“In the dry season in the past years, below 40 MW power used to be produced from the project due to less snow melts and reduced water flow in rivers. But this year, electricity is being produced in full capacity due to adequate water levels in the rivers,” he said.

He said that 69 megawatts of electricity is being produced according to the full capacity at the rate of 23 megawatts each from the three units of the project.

Marsyangdi is a river flowing from Himalaya.

The centre said that since it rained even in October, the water in Marsyangdi River and its tributaries was high, so electricity was produced at full capacity.

Maintenance to make electricity production regular

Gautam said that maintenance has been carried out to regularise the electricity production.

Meanwhile, out of the three power units, the maintenance of unit 1 generator is being carried out, he said.

He informed that the maintenance was carried out because the current demand for electricity is low so as not to disrupt the national electricity transmission.

Gautam said that the repair started from October 21 and will last for 20 days till November 10, 2023.

He said, “As many industries will be closed during Dashain, the demand for electricity will be low, so we have repaired it before Tihar.”

According to the centre, the damage caused by floods will be repaired and regular maintenance will be carried out for constant electricity supply.

The 69 megawatt electricity generated from this centre is being distributed in the national transmission line from Bharatpur in Chitwan through the station in Kathmandu.

Source: Rising Nepal