Modikhola Hydel Project resumes operation


    PARBAT, AUG 03 – The Modikhola Hydropower Project of 14.8 megawatt located at Patichaur in Parbat district, which was closed since Wednesday due to flood in the Modi River has resumed power generation from Sunday.

    The project started the power production after the cleaning of trash rack at the intake and carrying out maintenance of the damaged transmission line along the Pokhara-Baglung Highway, chief of the Project Tara Dutta Bhatta said. The heavy flood and landslides occurred in the region along the route had affected the power generation and damaged the transmission line, affecting the power transmission.

    The Nepal Electricity Authority-owned company has started to generate just 10 megawatt of power after the maintenance.

    Meanwhile, power generation from Lower Modikhola-I is disrupted after the flood in the Modikhola (river) damaged the powerhouse located at Chuwa. The project of 10-megawatt capacity failed to generate the electricity after the flood entered into the powerhouse.

    Director of the Project Upendra Gautam said that the flood damaged property worth Rs 300 million and some two months would take for the repair and power resumption.