Nepal’s Green Drive: Government Aims to Boost Electric Vehicle Usage and Environmental Sustainability


The Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Minister, Shakti Bahadur Basnet, stated that the government will promote the use of electric vehicles powered by domestic electricity to protect the environment and boost electricity consumption in the country. The ministry will facilitate policy arrangements for the promotion of environmentally friendly electric vehicles.

He said that in addition to policy arrangements, the government plans to facilitate the promotion of electric vehicles, which will not only protect the environment but also increase the country’s electricity consumption.

Minister Basnet, speaking to the media after inspecting the Nada Auto Show 2023 at Bhrikutimandap in Kathmandu, stated that promoting electric vehicles is a priority, evidenced by plans to construct more charging stations across the country.

If the private sector wishes to construct a charging station, the required arrangements have been made, including management of the transmission system and transformer by the Electricity Authority. Minister Basnet has confirmed that every effort will be made to promote the use of electric vehicles appropriate for the era.

He stated that the authority recently installed 51 charging stations nationwide and plans to construct additional stations to encourage the use of electric vehicles. Minister Basnet emphasized that the private sector should significantly invest in the development of charging stations, clarifying that environmental conservation and electrical consumption can only be achieved through the cooperation of the government and private industry.

Minister Basnet clearly stated that the government has committed to promoting electric vehicles while also safeguarding the environment and saving significant sums of money that would otherwise be spent on purchasing petroleum products from abroad. During the meeting, NADA officials highlighted the various electric vehicles showcased at the fair and requested that Minister Basnet maintain policy stability and lower taxes on electric vehicles.

Source: Spotlight