Landslide in Humla damaged power house, interrupted electricity service in 615 households


“After the landslide damaged the power house of 18 KW capacity Tatopani small hydropower project and 15 KW capacity Ripgad small hydropower project, electricity service was interrupted in 615 households.

Residents of Rip and Unapani were affected after the small hydropower project was completely damaged due to the flash floods that came with heavy rains on Friday night.

Akil Karki, Ward President of Sarkegad Rural Municipality-3 Unapani, said that after the electricity produced by the power plants of Sarkegad Rural Municipality-2 Rip and 2 Unapani was shut off due to flood and landslides, 3,500 residents of Unapani and 3,000 residents of Rip were deprived of electricity service. He said, ‘The landslide has washed away not only the power house but also the turbines, pipes, canals and buildings of the power house.’

The landslide has washed away 10 water mill, water source, tanks and pipes of 380 households in the Unapani River. Ward president Karki said that 6 hot water pools in Unapanikhola and 120 fields planted with Marsi rice were completely damaged.


Source: Kantipur