Kulekhani-II to borrow transformers


    MAKAWANPUR, April 23

    kulekhani damaged transformersKulekhani-II Hydropower Project is to borrow transformers from Gandak Hydropower Project for the time being after the former´s three transformers were damaged by fire last week. All three transformers of the project, which generates 32 megawatts, were broken after a fire caused by high voltage.

    A five member team led by engineer Rajendra Chaudhari of Kulekhani-II in Bhaise-1 Makawanpur, reached the Gandak Hydropower Project on Monday.

    According to the project administration of Kulekhani-II, three transformers from Gandak hydro project, which has stopped its operation for long, will be brought to Kulekhani and used until the damaged transformers are repaired.

    Krishna Prasad Yadav, the chief of Kulekhani-II project, informed that the transformers from the Gandak project would be brought within three days. “A technical team has already been sent to bring the transformers. The team will return within three days along with the transformers,” said Yadav. The project also informed that the maintenance of the damaged transformers is going on in full swing.

    “The maintenance work is in the full swing with the aim to resume power generation within the next 10 days,” Yadav further informed.

    Source : Republica