Kaligandaki hydropower closed for maintenance


    SYANJA, Feb. 23: The Kaligandaki ´A´ – the biggest hydropower of Nepal – based in Krishnagandaki VDC-8 of western Syangja will remain closed for 10 days.

    The operation of powerhouse will be halted for 10 days for the maintenance of inlet valve at the dam of Kaligandaki ´A´, according to Chief of Nepal Electricity Authority, Kaligandaki ´A´ Department of Electricity, Abadhesh Kumar Singh.

    ´The inlet valve of the dam had seen water leakage problem for the past four days´, said Singh, ´We are carrying out maintenance works at the moment when water current of the river is lower´.

    With the start of the maintenance of Kaligandaki ´A´, the current load-shedding hours in the country may go up, said the Department.

    Source : RSS