Jagdabba Enterprises, the Electricity Authority’s biggest customer, received 48 MW of electricity


Kathmandu, 25 November 2022. Jagdamba Enterprises operating in the Bara-Parsa Industrial Corridor has been connected to the Nepal Electricity Authority’s system to receive up to 48 megawatts of electricity. The industry producing iron and steel is going to take additional 44 megawatts of electricity from the authority for capacity expansion. The industry was now taking about 4 MW power supply.

The authority will provide additional power supply to the industry through 66 KV transmission line from Parwanipur 132 KV substation. For additional power supply, the 66-11 KV, 50 MVA capacity transformer placed in the industrial premises was tested and put into operation on Thursday.

The industry has built a 66 KV switchyard in the industrial premises at its own expense. The switchyard was tested and operated on Thursday in the presence of the authority’s technical team.

Along with this, Jagdamba Enterprises has become the biggest customer for electricity supply, said Ramu Shrestha, head of the Simra distribution center of the authority. “The industry was currently taking a load of 4.8 MVA, line and transformer tests have been completed to give an additional 44 MVA load, and more electricity has been started gradually according to the approval load,” he said. “If electricity is taken according to the approved load, the industry will pay more than 20 million rupees monthly.”