Industry of Bara-Parsa Industrial Corridor urged to get electricity from 132 KV


Process of construction of high capacity transmission line started

Kathmandu, 6 March 2022,  Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has called upon the industries of Bara-Parsa Industrial Corridor to get power supply from 132 KV transmission line. Under the campaign to consume the electricity generated within the country, NEA will supply electricity from 132 kV in the Bara-Parsa Industrial Corridor to the industries which are preparing for operation, opening in future and demanding more electricity.

Industries in the area are now getting power supply from 11 and 66 KV lines. If electricity supply is taken from 132 kV, its tariff is cheaper. Industries will have to build substations on their own premises. Since the tariff will be cheaper and leakage will be less, the construction of substation will not be expensive compared to that.

NEA has started an initiative to build infrastructure in the Bara-Parsa Industrial Corridor to consume 2,000 MW of electricity within five years. NEA is going to build high capacity power transmission and distribution line infrastructure targeting the industries currently operating and opening in the coming days in Simara, Nijgadh, Birgunj, Parwanipur, Pokhariya and Prasuni areas of Bara-Parsa Industrial Corridor.

A high-level team led by NEA Executive Director Kulman Ghising visited the area on Saturday and got information about the possible location for construction of 400 and 132 kV transmission lines and substations, power demand and consumption status.

Managing Director Ghising said that the Bara-Parsa area is likely to become a big industrial hub in the coming days and that electrical infrastructure with high capacity transmission and distribution lines is being constructed. Ghising said that there is great potential for opening new industries in Birgunj, Pokhariya and dry port areas.

“We are building a 2,000 MW power system targeting open industries and the general public in the area. We will strengthen the 11, 66 and 132 kV lines and provide more power supply to the industries demanding immediate power,” Ghising said. “We have already started the process of land acquisition for the construction of 400 kV substation in Pokhariya of Parsa and 132 kV substation in Prasani of Bara.”

Under the Hetauda-Dhalkebar-Inaruwa 400 KV transmission line, 400 KV substation will be constructed in Nijgadh of Bara and the line will be extended to Pokhariya via Birgunj. Ghising mentioned that the Piluwa and Amalekhgunj substations of Bara will be strengthened and upgraded immediately.

In order to make the power supply of industries in Simara and Birgunj region reliable, new towers have been added for capacity expansion and strengthening of Hetauda-Parwanipur 66 KV double circuit transmission line and old conductors have been removed to keep more capacity.

As this will almost double the capacity of the transmission line, it will be possible to supply more electricity to the industries. Maximum efforts have been made in the construction of infrastructure and public awareness to provide reliable and quality electricity to the industries.