India positive about establishing energy bank in Nepal


    India has hinted that it is positive towards establishing an energy bank in Nepal so as to overcome power outage issues in both Nepal and India.

    The concept of energy banking was put forth to supply electricity to the southern neighbour from Nepal during rainy season and import the needed quantity of electricity from India during winter season in Nepal.

    According to Prabal Adhikari, spokesperson at the Nepal Electricity Authority, Nepal has agreed on installing production equipment at all its sub-stations as the errors in  substations in Nepal might affect the system of India. It is being done as per the suggestion by the Indian Electricity Authority, he adds.

    The decision was made during a meeting of the Nepal-India Joint Operation Committee held recently. The committee comprises six members.

    Likewise, the meeting decided to form a production committee to solve the the problems that might arise at the Nepal-India intercountry transmission line.

    Source : Online Khabar