Singati-Lamosanghu transmission line took 11 years to complete


The Singati-Lamosanghu 132 KV transmission line, which took more than a decade, has been completed. With the completion of the work of pulling the single circuit line by the project, some of the hydropower projects which could not be operated even after completion have come into operation.

Project Chief Rajan Dhungel informed that the work of pulling single circuit wires has been completed by lifting all the towers of the project. He said that the work of pulling single circuit wire has been completed and now the work of pulling data transmission wire (OPDW) between substations is underway. The project has said that the work of pulling OPDW has been completed in Dolakha district and only 9 kilometers remains to be pulled in Sindhupalchok district.

The project says that protection work is yet to be done in some of the towers and insulation testing is being done. He informed that discussions are underway with the management level of NEA to charge the line as soon as possible as there is a problem in clearing the line in some places.

Equipment connection for single circuit transmission at Lamosanghu substation has been completed and is being tested. However, the project chief Dhungel said that the structure for transmitting electricity from Singti substation at 132 KV has not been ready yet.

The project could not be completed on time as the contractor did not do the work in the initial year. Lately, the work could not be completed on time due to obstruction of locals and land dispute. The project could not be completed on time after the locals obstructed the construction of the tower. Work has been done in the presence of security personnel in some blocked areas.

124 towers have been erected on the 40 km long transmission line. As the single circuit is completed, the electricity can be transmitted immediately after the completion of the technical test. Double circuit work has also been completed in most places. He said that the rest of the work can be done even if the line is single circuit charged.

Private sector hydropower projects in Singati Khola and Khani Khola and Khare Khola basins are waiting for this transmission line. Even the projects have not been able to complete the construction on time as the transmission line has not been completed. Electricity of 10 MW Spring, 11 MW Lower Khare Khola and 5 MW Ghatte Khola is being wasted. The 25 MW Singati Khola has also shut down the power house after completing all the technical tests of the project. The project management of Singati Khola has been helping to complete the transmission line for the past four months.

The 30 MW Khani Khola and 40 MW Khani Khola 1 projects have not been able to generate electricity even after reaching the final stage of work. This is increasing the cost of the project. The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) had signed a contract with Indian contractor Aravali Infra Power in October 2010. As per the agreement, the transmission line and Singti substation were to be constructed within two years.
As per the agreement, Aravali has won a contract worth Rs 175 million for the substation and Rs 420 million for the transmission line.

The contractor company lost contact after the deadline was extended for the first time. At present, Greenlife Hydropower Company, the promoter of the 40 MW Upper Khanikhola Hydropower Project, is working as the Nepali representative of Aravali Infra.