Inauguration of Upper Chameliya Hydro 40 MW


KATHMANDU, July 25: The 40 MW Upper Chamelia Hydropower Project was inaugurated on Monday after the successful testing of the Chamelia River, which flows through the border of Baitadi and Darchula.

Sanjib Neupane, the managing director of the company overseeing the project, announced that the testing began on Friday with the construction of a dam in Kimbagad, Marma Rural Municipality-1, Darchula, followed by the controlled release of water six kilometers downstream to the power house in Marma Rural Municipality-2, Ghattigadh.

Sanjib Neupane further explained that the project’s key components, including the 6,100-meter long penstock pipeline, all three turbines, generators, and other equipment, underwent meticulous testing, all of which proved to be successful. On Friday, the testing of the power plant commenced by pouring water onto the turbines.

Following the successful testing, the project is set to generate electricity for trial purposes starting from Saturday. Once connected to the national transmission line from the substation at Balach, the project will progress to commercial production in approximately two weeks. Notably, the official inauguration of the project is scheduled for today, Sunday.

The construction company reported that the project was completed within an impressive timeline of 30 months, with a total cost of Rs 8 billion.