Marsyangdi’s hydropower production down



    lower MarsyangdiProduction of the Marsyangdi Hydro Power Project based at Abukhairini-6 in Tanahun is down thanks to decrease in flow of water in the river.

    Currently, only 27 megawatt of electricity is being generated from the project out of its capacity of 69 megawatt. The power generation went down as the river recorded a low flow of water, said project manager Tirpeshwor Purbe.

    Of three units in the power house, only two are collecting water for power generation, he said. However, the project is supplying power in the peak hour as per its capacity.

    Power being generated here is linked to the national transmission line via Balaju of Kathmandyu and Bhartatpur sub-station. The power production of the Marsygandi hydro power project is said to have impact on national power outage.

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