11,000 households illuminated in Gorkha


    GORKHA, Jan 15:

    district_gorkhaAs many as 11 thousand households in the northern part of Gorkha district have been illuminated with the construction of different micro hydropower projects in the district.

    These households now have access to electricity supplied from separate projects run by the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre, the Kadoorie Foundation, the government and Regional Renewal Energy Centre, Damauli.

    People in the area can now use electronic home appliances, operate means of communications, mills and saw-mills and establish small and cottage factories with the availability of electricity.

    Along with the renewal energy, improved water mill and solar power have played a big role in the development of the area.

    Electricity has been generated from different local streams including Nauli Khola, Ghatte, Arkhet, Andheri and Hundi, among others.

    The electricity generated from the micro hydropower projects has also helped develop the tourism business in the areas. With this, consumption of local products has increased and it has helped in the poverty alleviation.

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