Electricity Authority has taken initiative to improve the quality of electricity supply and service


Kathmandu, 23 August 2021, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has taken initiative to make power supply regular, reliable, quality, control leakage, electrify, maintain financial discipline and make its service effective after ending load shedding from the country.

The NEA management has taken initiative to improve the service by resolving such problems after receiving complaints such as uninformed switching on of electricity, failure to get meter for new electricity connection, and not picking up the phone when calling at no light. NEA is going to make the power supply regular, reliable and quality and the service flow fast, quick and easy.

NEA Executive Kulman Ghising on Monday held a virtual meeting with the Deputy Executive Director of the Directorate of Distribution and Customer Service, Heads of 7 Provincial Offices, Provincial Division Offices and Branch Heads to discuss the problems faced by the offices. Has given instructions.
“Complaints such as sporadic power outages, no lights, no complaints, no complaints have been addressed not only to me but also to the energy minister,” he said. “In order to maintain good governance within the organization and improve the service provided to the customers, we have to improve ourselves and show ethical conduct. The leakage control campaign has been stopped. It should be started immediately in coordination and cooperation with the local level and administration.”

He instructed the employees to work responsibly by showing high moral conduct without being under any pressure or influence. He said, “In order to increase the demand for electricity, customers should provide three phase meters as soon as they ask for it, plan to strengthen and upgrade transmission and distribution structures, start work immediately, complete projects under construction quickly, break contracts with sick and non-working contractors.”

To control the expenses, the stock of commodities will be reduced by making maximum use of the old goods in the store, control over the purchase of new goods, auction of useless goods, repair of transformers will be done in time in one’s own workshop. In order to maintain financial discipline, vertical procurement, control of procurement through quotations, financial administration regulations will be strictly followed.

In order to maintain good governance by improving the conduct of the employees, the authority has made arrangements to take action against the employees who do wrong work, not to leave the office without informing the higher body, and not to do any activity that would impose additional financial burden on the organization.

In order to enhance the urban beauty, NEA has announced to launch ‘Bright and Clean City Campaign’. Instructed. NEA has also directed to remove unused unnecessary electric poles and wires on the main and auxiliary roads and move the wires underground.

At the meeting, Manoj Silwal, Deputy Managing  Director of the Directorate of Distribution and Customer Service, directed to focus on leakage control, electrification and service flow improvement. He urged to break the contract of the sick projects and bring a proposal to break the contract if it seems that there is no work from any contractor. During the program, the heads of the provincial offices informed that they could not supply electricity as per the demand due to lack of infrastructure, poles, transformers and meters.