Importance of regular energy audits highlighted


    ENERGY-AUDITINGKATHMANDU: Minister for Industry Karna Bahadur Thapa has underlined the need to carry out regular energy audits in industrial sector to save power and increase productivity. 

    “On one hand, we’re facing energy crisis, and on the other, those consuming electricity are failing to effectively manage this resource,” said Thapa, while addressing inaugural programme of Training of Trainers for Energy Audit. He added that the practice of energy auditing will also help enhance productivity. 

    Generally, energy audit is a process of inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows to any system to reduce the amount of energy input without negatively affecting the output. The four-day training aims to produce professionals required for energy audit in the country as there is no institution for imparting information on this subject. 

    Rajendra Bajracharya, officiating director general of National Productivity and Economic Development Centre (NPEDC) said that there is need to reduce consumption of electricity and also to increase productivity. He added that the energy auditing provision is crucial, be it for service or industrial sector. 

    In the programme, Industry Ministry officials said the government is working to come up with a policy to address the issue of energy audits and effective use of power to boost productivity. 

    The training is being organised jointly by Industrial Energy Management Project and NPEDC with the support of Asian Productivity Organisation.

    Source : The Himalayan Times