Hydro could boost Province 7


    DHANGADI, Dec 25: Considered as the least developed region of the country, the far west registers over 45 percent poverty. With the country implementing federalism that is expected to change the fate of all provinces, Province 7 also looks forward to rapid development.

    Hydro Power 

    This province alone has the capacity to generate one third of the total hydropower capacity of the country. If it is tapped, way to prosperity will be ensured, Panta says.

    “We must invest in the hydropower sector. One third of the country’s total hydropower capacity can be generated from this province alone. So, this alone can pave a way for our prosperity,” he said.

    Karnali, Pancheshwor, West Seti, Budhiganga and Chamelia River hydropower projects are some of the biggest hydropower projects. Panta stressed on the need to exploit hydropower potential to deliver a significant boost to the province’s and the national economy.

    Source: My Republica