KATHMANDU, Feb 5

    PPP1The government is preparing to bring public private partnership (PPP) policy with an aim of including even the private sector in infrastructure development.

    The Finance Ministry has already prepared draft for the policy. The ministry says internal discussions are currently being held and the policy will soon be implemented by holding discussions with stakeholders in the next week or so. BOOT Act was brought in 2006 to develop infrastructure projects with private investment in the PPP model. The PPP draft will provide three policies and strategies as required for two main objectives. The ministry says there can be some changes in the policy and strategy after discussions with stakeholders.

    The draft states all internationally accepted principles and values about PPP will be incorporated, and it will be promoted in all the sectors, structures, organs and bodies of the state. The policy aims for PPP in infrastructure and service sectors with an objective of upgrading into a developing country from a least developed one by 2022. The government has brought forward a plan of transforming the country through PPP at a time when PPP models have been left stranded in the country. The policy also aims that Nepal be known as a country with a successful story of PPP after being upgraded into a developing country by 2022. New laws will have to be formulated and the existing ones amended to meet these goals.

    Provisions including fixing the contract period for inclusion of the private sector even in works to be done by the public sector, and keeping any project out of the PPP concept if deemed necessary by the cabinet have been proposed by the draft. Creating an environment to attract private sector investment to provide capital, and resources and means for development of infrastructure and service sectors, and reconstruction and operation is another objective of the policy.

    Source : Karobar Daily