Govt, ADB, WB prioritize investment in energy sector


    KATHMANDU, June 16:

    1 HydropowerRealizing that acute power shortage is affecting people´s daily life and inflicting huge loss on industrial sector, the government, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the World Bank (WB) have put investment in hydropower sector in their first priority.

    “Investment in hydropower sector is the top priority of the upcoming budget for fiscal year 2013/14,” Finance Minister Shankar Prasad Koirala told Republica about a week ago while interacting with a team of business journalists from Nepal Republic Media.

    Asian development Bank (ADB), a multilateral development partner working in the Asia-Pacific region, has declared that its first priority will be in the energy sector in the coming days. “Our priorities have been changed; we are totally focused on the energy sector in Nepal,” Kenichi Yokoyama, country director of ADB Nepal Resident Mission, said at a program organized in the capital last week.

    The ADB, which is currently working on identifying viable hydropower projects for investment, has already decided to invest US$ 150 million in Tanahun Hydropower project (140 MW) — the second reservoir type project in the country after Kulekhani.

    Moreover, the Manila-based multilateral lender is also pushing for reforming and restructuring of the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) – the state-owned energy monopolist.

    “ADB´s country strategy paper (CSP) has put energy sector in the first priority. Development of transmission lines and distribution of power is more important,” Yokoyama said in his keynote speech delivered in a seminar on ´Wind Energy Development and Use: Nepalese Perspective´ in Kathmandu last Friday.
    Similarly, the World Bank has also hinted that it is interested to invest in the energy sector. The World Bank´s investment in the development of cross-border transmission lines, especially in 400 kV Dhalkewar-Majjafarpur transmission line, speaks volumes about its interest in the energy sector.

    The government also has also said that it would allocate substantial amount of budget in development of transmission lines in the country to evacuate power generated by different hydropower projects.

    “The government will encourage private sector to invest in the hydropower sector by developing adequate infrastructure to evacuate power generated by their projects,” Finance Minister Koirala said.

    Meanwhile, Minister Koirala also said that the government would expedite the process of signing power purchase agreement (PPA) with different hydropower projects.
    At present, the government has put around 52 hydropower projects with total installed capacity of more than 4000 MW in its priority basket.
    “The government is ready to invest in these projects on its own,” Gokarna Raj Pantha, senior divisional engineer at the Department of Electricity Development (DoED) said. “It can hand over these projects to the private sector, including domestic and foreign investors, if need be.”

    Source : Republica