Good practice for Aquatic Biodiversity, Baseline Determination and Monitoring Protocols


    Independent Power Producers’ Association, Nepal (IPPAN) together with International Finance Corporation (IFC) is going to organize a third residential workshop on topic ‘Good practice for Aquatic Biodiversity, Baseline Determination and Monitoring Protocols ‘ on 7-8 April, 2016 at Riverside Resort, Kurinitar.

    The objective of this workshop is to expose IPPAN members to good international practices as well as to the new state-of-the-art technologies to determine aquatic biodiversity baseline conditions and monitoring sample protocols. The workshop will also provide a general overview on good international practices for the determination of key ecosystem services and eco-flows. The workshop will include a field trip rafting excursion to the Trishuli River to get hands-on experience on some of the proposed sampling methodologies.

    The course will utilize resource persons with wide experience on international hydropower industry and development as well as local experts. The seats are limited and only confirmed selected participants will be allowed to attend the seminar. Hence, you are requested to register your nomination who are responsible under the Environmental Assessment (EIA/EA), Base line survey, aquatic biodiversity related to hydropower projects by 1st April, 2016. The application form, draft program outline and  tentative course summary are attached herewith for your reference.

    Seminar Fee: The participation fee for this 1½ day residential course is NRs. 10,000 for IPPAN members and 15,000 for non-IPPAN members. The fee should be transferred to IPPAN as per instruction given when selections will be made.

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    Source : IPPAN