Global Wind Day observed


    mountain_windKATHMANDU, June 15:Aimed at discovering power and possibilities of wind for energy solutions, over 75 countries on Saturday celebrated Global Wind Day. In Nepal, the day was marked for the first time though many countries have been doing it since 2007.

    In a program held in the capital at the initiation of, speakers discussed energy crisis in the country and how wind energy can help minimize it. “The theme of this celebration is to observe the first Global Wind Day in Nepal, finding wind energy possibilities and its future prospects in our country,” said Amirt Singh Thapa, a wind energy specialist and managing director of

    “At the moment, 99 percent of electricity generation is based on hydropower and we are facing several hours of load shedding as the power produced is not sufficient. It is high time for us to discover ways to utilize wind energy to cater to our needs,” he said.

    The first major attempt to harness wind power in Nepal was in Kagbeni as ´Kagbeni Wind Power Project´ in 1989. However, no remarkable progress was noticed regarding utilization of wind energy in the following years. According to the executive director of Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC) Govinda Raj Pokhrel, the country has very high potential and need to tap alternative energy sources but what is lacking is the political will.

    Students, academicians, representatives of various organizations and government officials, among others, had participated at the program.