Generating 800,000 Units of Electricity in a Remarkable 35-Day Operation


Jhapa Energy’s 10-megawatt solar power project, situated in Shivasatakshi-4, Jhapa, has successfully generated 800,000 units of electricity. Following the completion of construction, this project contributed a substantial amount of electricity, totaling 800,000 units, to the transmission system within just 35 days.

Subas Bhattarai, the proprietor of Jhapa Energy, disclosed that this solar initiative, recognized as the largest in the Koshi province, is scheduled for inauguration on Feb 6th by former Prime Minister and CPN-UML Chairman, KP Sharma Oli. Bhattarai emphasized that the electricity generated by the project has seamlessly integrated into the Nepal Electricity Authority’s transmission system.

The total investment for the project, upon completion, is estimated to be around NPR 87 crore. With power generation already underway, the promotional company has shared that the project site is currently undergoing further development. LP Sanwa, a Member of Parliament from Jhapa Region No. 4, stated that the initiative aims to connect tourism with solar energy production.

Since the signing of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between the project and the Authority on 28th November 2021, the Authority has been purchasing the produced electricity at a rate of NPR 7.30 per unit. The project, initiated by the private sector to enhance the country’s energy self-sufficiency, had its foundation stone laid in 2021 by the then Chairman of the Constituent Assembly, Subas Nemwang.

Paritosh Chaudhary, Head of Electricity Authority Damak, confirmed that the project’s 6 megawatts of electricity are now being channeled into the national transmission line. Despite reduced production during the winter season, Chaudhary mentioned that the installed capacity allows for the production of 10 megawatts of electricity during clear weather conditions. Additionally, he highlighted the resolution of low voltage issues in the district following the incorporation of solar power into the electricity system.


Source: Nepal purbadhar