Public Health Priority: UML Chair Oli Highlights Need for Carbon Emission Impact Study


CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli said all sides should be serious about the issues negatively affecting human health.

Chairman Oli said this at an interaction ‘climate change impacts on environment and resolving measures’ organized by the CPN-UML’s Department of Forest and Environment at the party office in Chyasal, Lalitpur.

Oli, also the former Prime Minister, said human interests and unawareness are negatively impacting the health and environment.

Chairman Oli said human beings should know adaptive skills to check negative impacts of climate change in human life and environment. “All sides should adopt serious efforts to resolve problems by mitigating negative effects of carbon emission on human health”.

Noting the need of study on the effects of carbon emission triggered by brick industries in the Kathmandu Valley, he said the government should incentivize and promote the establishment of industries adopting technology avoiding carbon emission in the Valley.

Head of Department of Forest and Environment Bharati Pathak stressed the need to prevent and resolve the carbon emission which is beyond the earth’s bearing capacity.


Source: Republica