FNCCI Establishes Green Growth Advisory Service to Promote Sustainable Development


The Green Growth Advisory Service has been established at the secretariat of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) to promote the green economy.

The Chairperson of the Sustainable Development and Good Governance Committee of the National Assembly of the Federal Parliament, Prakash Pantha, FNCCI President Chandra Prasad Dhakal, and International Labour Organisation’s Country Director, Numan Özcan, jointly launched the facility on Thursday.

The Green Growth Advisory Service was established with the technical assistance of the ILO, informed the FNCCI in a statement.

“Through this service, FNCCI will actively advocate for the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices while promoting economic growth.

Awareness campaigns will be organised at the central, provincial, and local levels, focusing on employment skill development, green employment, and just transition, with a special emphasis on industrial corridors, industrial areas, and villages,” read the statement.

The advisory will also take the initiative in assisting the development of strategies and action plans to promote the green economy.

The advisory is also expected to provide regulatory guidance to ensure the implementation of green growth by establishing metrics and indicators to measure the importance of green growth, advocacy, and progress at all levels of the government.

To ensure effective operation, an advisory service consisting of representatives from the FNCCI, the Government of Nepal, universities, trade unions, ILO, and experts in this field has been formed.

Pantha said that the private sector has a vital role to play in green growth and sustainable development.

Likewise, Dhakal claimed that adopting green growth practices in Nepali businesses and industries will not only benefit the environment and society but also create opportunities for economic growth, market competition, and long-term sustainability.

Similarly, Numan stated that the United Nations including ILO has prioritised green initiatives to achieve sustainable development goals.

Source:  Spotlight