Nepal Electricity Authority Selects Siemens for Load Dispatch Center Upgrade


    Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has selected Siemens for upgrading its 15 year old Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/Energy Management System (SCADA/EMS) at its Load Dispatch Center (LDC) located in Kathmandu. The upgradation will help meet the requirements of network expansion and the smooth operation of Integrated Nepalese Power System (INPS). This prestigious fast-track project has been funded by Germany’s government-owned development bank KfW.

    Siemens will implement the new SCADA/EMS system, built around Spectrum Power 7, its innovative Energy Management System platform for controlling and monitoring the INPS. This system provides advanced tools for monitoring and operational improvement of a large and complex electrical transmission network. The multi-site feature of the Spectrum Power 7 helps in establishing an emergency/backup control center in a seamless manner.​ This platform will enable NEA to deliver true value to its consumers by providing uninterrupted, high quality of power to allow sustained growth of Nepal’s economy.

    Siemens has a wide range of Smart Grid Solutions and Services for power utilities including SCADA/EMS/DMS/OMS, Meter Data Management Systems, and Asset Lifecycle Management solutions, which help power utilities in managing their electricity grid efficiently.

    Source: ARC Advisory Group