Energizing Progress: Nepal Unveils Second-Largest Substation in Milestone Inauguration


Today marks a significant chapter in Nepal’s energy story as the nation unveils its second-largest 400 kV substation in Inaruwa. This inauguration is a testament to Nepal’s ongoing commitment to bolster its power infrastructure, catering to the escalating demand while minimizing reliance on electricity imports.

Revolutionizing Power Infrastructure

The Inaruwa substation is more than a mere addition to the nation’s power setup. It’s a symbol of progress, a beacon signaling enhanced electrical supply reliability and capacity in the region. This substation is equipped with cutting-edge Gas Insulated System (GIS) technology, making it a landmark project in Nepal’s electricity transmission and distribution system landscape.

The Impact on the Ground

The implications of this development are far-reaching. Beyond the confines of the substation, the benefits will ripple out, transforming lives and businesses. A significant beneficiary is the Morang-Sunsari industrial belt, which is anticipated to experience an improved power supply. This upgrade will directly and positively impact the operations of local businesses and the everyday lives of residents in the region.

Nepal’s Energy Security and Industrial Growth

But the ambition doesn’t stop here. The Inaruwa substation is positioned to play a pivotal role in distributing electricity generated from both domestic sources and cross-border power trade. This strategic positioning is expected to further the country’s objective of achieving energy security. By ensuring a steady power supply to industries, it will also stimulate industrial growth, placing Nepal on a robust path towards economic progress. The inauguration of the Inaruwa substation is indeed a milestone in Nepal’s pursuit of strengthening its power transmission and distribution networks.

Source: BNN