India offers help to Nepal to overcome power crisis


    KATHMANDU: India today offered Nepal help in mitigating its power crisis, saying the two nations could work together in field of non-conventional sources of energy to overcome the electricity shortage.

    Speech by Energy Secretary at Alternate Energy Workshop

    “India is ready to extend help to Nepal to mitigate its energy crisis,” Indian Ambassador to the country Jayant Prasad said at a symposium on “Alternate Energy” organised by the Indian Embassy here.

    The two neighboring countries can work together in partnership in non-conventional sources of energy as well to get rid of the power current shortage, he said.

    Prasad said, “Although there is free flow of people between Nepal and India, through the open border, the electric grid connectivity between the two countries is poor, which needs to be improved.”

    As Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are power deficit states of India, there is big potential in exporting hydro-power to these states of India from Nepal in the future so that it would help Nepal to overcome its trade deficit and reduce dependency on remittance for foreign exchange earnings, he said.

    Meanwhile, experts stressed on the need to harnessing alternate energy sources such as solar and wind powers to get rid of the current load-shedding problem facing the country in the short run.

    Mini hydro-power, solar and wind power can play significant role in Nepal’s energy mix in the days to come as there is no quick fix to the present power crisis, they said.

    On the occasion, an expert from International Center for Integrated Mountain Development Ramesh Vaidya said that use of alternative sources of energy such as bio-gas, solar and wind power can help to reduce carbon emission and improve the environment.

    Secretary in the Ministry of Irrigation Brinda Hada said “Nepal government is committed to creating favorable environment for attracting foreign investment in the hydropower sector.”

    “As we have been unable to exploit our hydro potential due to various reasons, there is a need to find out alternative sources of energy to meet the growing demand for power,” she said.

    On the occasion, a representative from Kirloskar Brother Ltd, India made a presentation on how a country like Nepal, which is blessed with thousands of rivers and rivulets can benefit by using Pump as Turbine (PAT) system in a small scale.

    Source : PTI