Electricity is being produced from 18 places in Bajhang


    The locals of many rural villages in Bajhang, Darchula, Accham and Bajura are elated with the access to electricity service after dozens of micro-hydro electricity projects came into operation in the districts.

    Regional Power Service Centre Dipayal Vice-chairman Bharat Kathyat said the micro-hydro projects were established in local rivers of the districts though the rural areas are isolated from roads.

    Coordinator at the centre Tek Bahadur Balayar said the micro hydels produced 432 KW electricity in Bajhang, 199 KW in Bajura, 297 KW in Achham, 137 KW in Baitadi and 125 KW in Darchula.

    He further informed that the centre planned to produce around 4,100 KW electricity in the current fiscal through micro-hydels. “As many as 8,036 households have directly benefited from the electricity service in the remote settlements,” he said.

    Electricity is being produced from 18 places in Chhanna Khola of Bajhang. While a few micro-hydro projects have already come into operation, some are under construction in Bauji, Gadh and Nadi Khola, among other rivers.

    Lalit Khatri, secretary at Jadarigadh Pauwagadi Micro-Hydro Project said though the villagers had access to electricity, they are still deprived of road services. As many as five projects have been completed while three are under construction over a single river of Sailigadh, Doti, informed Khatri.

    Half-a-dozen micro-hydro projects have been completed in Kashagadh and Rishidaha, among other places of Achham district, while dozens of projects have been completed in Bajura.

    With access to electricity service, local schools and other educational institutions have started using computers and other electronic gadgets.

    Source: The Himalayan Times