Electric Energy Used for Lighting in the United States Every Year


    Do You know How much electricity is used for lighting in the United States?

    The United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) approximates about 279 billion kilowatt hours of electric energy were utilized to lighten up the residential sector and the commercial sector in 2016 in the United States which was almost 10% of the aggregated electric energy exhausted by residential as well as commercialized sectors and close to 7% of overall United States electric energy usage.

    Residential sector lighting utilization was approximately 129 billion kilowatt-hours or around 10% of aggregated residential sector electric energy utilization in 2016.

    The commercialized area, which covers industrial as well as institutional building blocks, and highways and street lighting, exhausted approximately 150 billion kilowatt hours of electric energy, which is equal to approximately 11.2% of aggregated commercial sector electric energy utilization in 2016.

    EIA does not possess an estimate of electric energy utilization for highway and street lighting.

    Source: EIA