Dibyashwari Hydropower to refund IPO non allottees from Bhadra 13


    Dibyashwari Hydropower Company Limited will be refunding excess money collected from investors from  Bhadra 13, 2073 (Monday). It had floated 3.96 lakh unit shares as part of its IPO shares.

    The non-allotted investors have to visit their respective collection centers with receipt and copy of citizenship to collect their refund money through account payee cheque. Letter of authorization along with photocopy of identity card of authorized person must be presented if the investors cannot pick up their money themselves.

    NIBL Capital Limited was the issue manager for the IPO.

    There were total 112,644 applicants’ only 35,292 investors got the shares including 8 mutual funds. There were only 99 invalid applicants.

    Allotment for investors who had applied from Rs 5,000 or 50 units to Rs 87,000 or 870 units shares was decided through lottery and investors who had applied for Rs 88,000 or 880 units to Rs 98,000 or 980 units get 10 units flat and remaining investors who applied for Rs 99,000 or 990 units to Rs 1,00,000 or 1,000 units were allotted 11 units or 1.10 % on pro-rata basis.

    Source : ShareSansar