Demand to expedite project construction :Nalsing Gad


    Locals of Nalgad hydropower project construction site have demanded that the project work be expedited bearing in mind the preservation of forest, land and herbal resources.

    A gathering of the project site-affected locals came up with the decision, shared chairperson of siConcern Committee Ganesh Singh.

    Folks of project-affected areas including Khagenkot, Sakla, Lahan, Nayakwada and Rokayagaun VDCs demanded the project construction in a way as to conserve the forest, land and herbal resources available in the area, Singh informed. Singh said that  people in the affected zone should be shifted to the surrounding areas rather than be dislocated to a different district.

    Locals put forth the demand when project Chairperson Sher Bahadur Shahi reached Limsa of Barekot to understand the grievances and complaints of locals of the affected zone.

    Shai urged the locals to put their remarks in the Detailed Project Report of the hydropower. The locals should not be subjected to discrimination while distributing compensation for their land, said Gorakh Bahadur Singh, Principal of Birendra Aishworya Higher Secondary School.

    Source : The Himalayan Times.