Countdown to the Himalayan Hydro Expo: Final Preparations Underway


Kathmandu, the final arrangements for the fourth edition of the ‘Himalayan Hydro Expo, 2024′ are nearing completion. Coordinated efforts by the Independent Power Producers’ Association, Nepal (IPPAN) and the Expo and Event Management Services Authority have brought the Expo, scheduled for April 24th, 25th, and 26th, to its concluding stages two weeks prior.

President Ramchandra Paudel is set to inaugurate the Expo under the theme ‘Green Energy for Prosperity’. Supported by the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, and with the Embassy of India as Nepal’s country partner, the Hydro Expo holds significant governmental backing.

Nepal’s commitment to exporting 10,000 MW of electricity to India over a decade, alongside plans to generate 28,500 MW by 2035, underscores the Expo’s importance. As highlighted in IPPAN’s press release, the third Expo, scheduled alongside the conference, will play a pivotal role in energizing the sector.

The Expo aims to galvanize the private sector, aligning energy initiatives with economic prosperity and national illumination. IPPAN anticipates the Expo to serve as a hub for exchanging insights into Nepal’s vast electricity potential, both for domestic consumption and export.

EXPOMA welcomes stakeholders from all spheres, including government bodies, universities, investors, donors, diplomats, and consulting firms, to deliberate on energy development. With participation confirmed from nearly a dozen countries, the event promises fruitful discussions, technological showcases, and policy debates.

Various sessions and interactions at Expoma Digo will delve into inclusive, green energy development, investment strategies, public engagement, and policy priorities. Moreover, competitions promoting hydroelectricity innovation and youth engagement are slated to enhance the Expo’s appeal.

To bolster domestic electricity consumption and advocate for eco-friendly transport, an electric vehicle rally will kick off the Expo, traversing Kathmandu’s key landmarks. Participants will receive electric vehicles free of charge, while innovations like the green hydrogen car and tractor from Kathmandu University are poised to captivate attendees.