Construction Of Solar Plant Nears Completion, 5 MW Electricity Being Produced


Tanahun, Feb. 12: A total of 5 MW of electricity is to be produced from solar energy in Shuklagandaki Municipality-5 of Tanahun.

Construction of the project by Solar Farm Private Limited, which had taken the approval for the first time in Nepal to generate electricity from solar energy, is nearing completion.

“Preparations are underway to produce electricity within three months,” informed Mankari Gurung, director of Solar Farm.

“The construction was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we are working to finish the construction within this year,” said Gurung.

The company informed that the 75 per cent works of the project being constructed at the premises of Bhanubhakta Multiple Campus in Bel Chautara had already completed. The Campus had provided 100 Ropanis land as per the agreement concluded with the company four years ago.

“An agreement has been concluded with the Nepal Electricity Authority to connect the 5 MW electricity produced through solar energy to the National Transmission Line,” said Gurung.

Initially, around Rs. 80 million capital was allocated per MW. However, the project stated that they had to increase the capital later.  “The capital of Rs. 400 to 450 million may now increase to Rs. 520 to 550 million,” said director Gurung.

According to the agreement with NEA, the electricity produced via solar energy would be bought by the NEA at Rs. 7.30 per unit for 25 years, said Hari Kumar Shrestha, who is the manager and shareholder of the Solar Farm company.

The project is currently preparing to install 13,494 solar panels. After the completion of construction, the electricity would be produced for around six hours daily. Around 30,000 units of electricity will be produced in one day and around one million units will be generated in a year, said Shrestha.

Likewise, director Gurung said, “Works relating to earthing are going on. The transmission is ready and the construction will complete in 20 days after the panel arrives.”

The electricity produced from the farm will be connected to the Bel Chautara Substation which is 500 meters far from the project area.