Construction of Daramkhola hydel project begins


    DARAM KHOLABAGLUNG: Preliminary works have started on the 7-MW Daramkhola Hydropower Project at Righa VDC in Baglung, with the target to complete it within the next three years. 

    Daramkhola Hydropower Cooperatives has received the licence to oversee the construction work. The project will benefit people from eight VDCs —Righa, Pandavkhani, Sishakhani, Dagatundanda, Malma, Kandebas of Baglung, and Arlangkot and Bami of Gulmi districts. 

    A total of 278 ropani land was purchased at Rs 12 million for the project, said cooperative’s chairman Ganga Bhujel. The total cost of the project, with an intake at Righa VDC-3 and a power house at Righa VDC-7, is estimated at Rs 1.3 billion, project engineer Man Bahadur Shrees said. 

    The project is based on pipeline technology. It is being constructed under public-private partnership.


    Source : RSS