Licenses of various hydel projects canceled


    doedKathmandu, June 17:The government has canceled applications for 12 hydel projects which were waiting for production licenses.

    According to the Department of Electricity Development, those canceled are Dapcha Roshi 5 mw, Hadi Khola 2 mw, Tallo Sunkoshi Third 10 mw, and Syasim Khola 30 mw.

    Others are Upper Trishuli 1, 216 mw, Kaligandaki Gorge 164 mw, Baku Khola 6 mw, Upper Mai-1 two mw, Karuwa Seti 36 mw, Tallo Pame Khola 2 mw, Hewakhola B 2 mw and Middle Supper Daraudi 4 mw. The projects had a target of generating a total of 480 mw of power.

    The survey license of some 127 hydel projects have also been canceled, which had a capacity of 2,542 mw.

    Production license of six hydels and applications for survey of 1,420 projects have also been canceled.

    Department’s Information Officer Gokarna Raj Pantha said license was canceled of projects which did not start works by taking license. NEA has also canceled agreements of nine hydel projects which had power purchase agreement.

    NEA Trade Section Chief Hitendradev Shakya said those projects are 10 mw Langtang to be developed by Kantipur Hydel Power, 14 mw Upper Modi  by Gtech Nepal, and 700 kW Ladku Khola by Universal Power.

    Others are 4.5 mw Lower Nyadi by Bavarian Hydro, Seti Khola by Mansarobar Powers, 3.5 mw Mid Gaddigad by Triyog Energy and Development and Upper Jumdi by Rhishikesh Hydro. They had a capacity of 40 mw.

    Source : The Rising Nepal