Birgunj-Pathlaiya industrial corridor to be load-shedding free


    The Birgunj-Pathliya industrial corridor and its surrounding areas will be declared load-shedding free within three weeks.

    Chief of the Transmission Line Project Laxmi Narayan Mukhiya said that the industrial corridor would be free of load-shedding after completion of the Raxaul-Parwanipur transmission line. He said that almost 90 per cent work on the transmission line has been completed, and Indian contractor company Mohan Energy Corporation Pvt was carrying out the remaining work smoothly. Mukhiya further added that as many as nine transmission lines out of 12 towers from Raxaul to Parwanipur at Bhulahi sub-station had been completed, and the remaining work for the transmission line was under way.

    “Power generation will begin after the works are completed,” he said.

    Industrialists in Birgunj have reportedly been pressurising Nepal Electricity Authority for Energy to end load-shedding in Birgunj.

    Birgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairperson Om Prakash Sharma said that there had been a verbal agreement with Energy Minister Janardan Sharma to distribute 50 MW of electricity brought from India to the Birgunj-Pathlaiya Industrial Corridor and its surroundings.

    The industrialists had reportedly urged Energy Minister Sharma, Energy Secretary Ananta Kumar Upadhaya, and Managing Director of the Authority Kul Man Singh Ghising to make the area load-shedding free a week ago.

    BCCI Chair Sharma said that as many as 1,500 small and big industries along the corridor would benefit. The change would increase employment opportunities, and some closed industries would also resume.


    Source : The Himalayan Times.