Govt announcing energy crisis soon: Minister

    Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Poudel has said the government was declaring an energy crisis in the country with due policy and programmes in a week.

    Addressing a programme organized by the Institute of Policy Research and Development in the capital city on Friday, Minister Poudel said the announcement would come along with immediate and long-term plans and vision for the energy sector in the country. “It would have clear information as what energy crisis is and how it can be resolved, rather than the collection of pleasing words,” he promised.

    He further said the country was lagging behind in development as it failed to produce energy as per the need. Moreover, the Minister shared that the construction of hydropower projects would be accelerated and attention of the foreign investors drawn towards the country.

    Energy experts as Guru Prasad Neupane, Sher Singh Bhat and Dr Bhim Prasad Neupane spoke on the need of uninterrupted construction of the hydropower projects, reduction of production cost, and hand over of the task of constructing transmission line to the private sectors. RSS