All workers trapped inside Rasuwagadi Hydropower Project tunnel come out alive


Jun 21, 2019

All 17 workers trapped inside a tunnel of the Rasuwagadi Hydropower Project on Thursday night have come out alive by Friday morning.

According to the project, 17 workers, including 11 Nepalis and 6 Chinese labourers, were stuck inside the tunnel following a dry landslide at around 8:30 pm yesterday along the path that leads to the project’s surge tank.

The workers were heading to their shift after dinner when the incident occurred.

Project Chief Chabi Gaire informed that all trapped workers have come out of the tunnel unharmed adding that the landslip had occurred inside the tunnel and did not block the tunnel entrance. He further said that the workers were urged to remain inside until daybreak in order to avoid any untoward incident at night.

Chief District Officer Arjun Bhandari informed that there were no human casualties. “The health condition of all workers trapped inside the tunnel is stable,” said Bhandari.

Source: The Kathmandu Post