4 MW of electricity likely to be added to national grid


    POKHARA: The 4 Mega Watt of electricity generated from Sardi River in Kaski district is likely to be added to the national grid in coming week.

    The additional electricity to the national grid would help to ease load shedding in the country.

    Mandakini Hydro Power Pvt Ltd had generated the electricity, however, the power is yet to be tested in transmission line.

    Project Manager Devendra KC informed that the electricity would be generated regularly after the Nepal Electricity Authority gives permission for the transmission line test.

    Mandakini Hydro Power Pvt Ltd had started the project in 2013 by building power house dam in Sardi River after installing 4,151 metre long pipe to divert water into the river.

    The project was built under the Build, Own Operate, Transfer (BOOT) model after taking permission from the NEA and Department of Electricity Development to complete the project in two years, however, the project was completed in four years due to detailed environmental impact assessment.

    Initially, the projected was estimated to cost around Rs 650 million, however, due to delay in construction, the project was completed at around Rs 700 million.

    Meanwhile, the NEA had agreed to pay Rs 4.80 and Rs 8.40 per unit during dry and monsoon season respectively to the Mandakini Hydro Power Pvt Ltd.

    In Kaski district alone, 25 MW from Upper Madi, 4.5 MW from Bhagwati Hydro power, 3.5 MW from Mardi River, 1.5 MW from Seti Hydro power Project and 200 kilowatt from Phewa Hydro Power, electricity is generated in the district.

    However, Kaski District alone consumes 40 MW electricity itself.

    Source: The Himalayan Times