4 hydro projects set to be delayed


    lack of motorable bridge

    Dec 15, 2017-The construction of four hydropower projects on the Dordi River has been pushed back due to the delay in construction of a motorable bridge over the bridge.

    The construction of the bridge to connect Beshi Sahar Municipality with Dordi Rural Municipality began six years ago and is yet to be completed.

    The developers of the four hydropower projects—54MW Super Dordi Hydroelectricity Project-B, 25MW Upper Dordi A, 27MW Dordi Khola and 12MW Dordi 1—are finding it difficult to transport the construction material to the project site thereby pushing the completion date of the project.

    The project developers have been placing RCC spun pipes on the river for the movement of the truck loaded with the construction material. However, moving loaded cargo truck on such temporary structure is proving difficult, according to the project developers.

    “During monsoon, we are not able to move ourcargo through such pipes

    due to massive flooding,” said Keshav Bahadur Rayamajhi, promoter of Supper Dordi Hydroelectric project. “Even during winter the temporary structure is not reliable as it often breaks down”.

    The delay in construction of the projects has escalated the development cost. Dordi Khola project which should have come online five months ago has completed only 50 percent construction work. Likewise, Super Dordi which has a target date of August 2019 for generating electricity is looking unlikely to meet its deadline, Rayamajhi added.

    Similarly, Upper Dordi A which is supposed to complete the construction of the project within next four months will also miss its completion deadline, according to Rajendra Wosti, promoter of the project.

    Work on Dordi 1, on the other hand is yet to begin.

    The developers have said it would be difficult to complete the projects without motorable bridge on the river.

    Source : The kathmandu Post