1,253 households deprived of electricity in Lamjung district


    Around half a dozen hydropower companies generate power in Lamjung and almost the same number of new hydropower projects are under construction. However, as many as 1,253 households in Lamjung are deprived of electricity and are forced to use kerosene-fed lamps.

    Data collected and made public by eight user organisations working in the field of rural electrification and Nepal Electricity Authority Lamjung Distribution Centre showed that 1,253 households are still compelled to live in sheer darkness.

    Six small and big hydro power companies have connected power to the central electricity transmission line in the district.

    One hydro power is preparing to provide power to the central transmission line after completion of construction work. Four hydro projects are under construction in the district.

    Lamjung district generates 135 megawatts from completed hydro projects. Under-construction hydro projects have capacity to generate 149 megawatts.

    According to NEA, Lamjung, the district is in need of seven megawatt power in peak hours and two megawatts during normal time.

    Various organisations, including Lamjung Electricity Community Users’ Association and Electricity Users’ Institute are working in the field of rural electrification in the district.

    According to Shreekant Ghimire, chairman of Lamjung Electricity Users’ Association, 240 families of Kholasothna Rural Municipality and 100 of Dordi Rural Municipality are deprived of electricity. Similarly, 55  households of Marsyangdi Rural Municipality, 25 of Besisahar Municipality and 12 of Rainash Municipality of the district do not have electricity  in their houses.

    Source :  The Himalayan Times.