Plan for families displaced by Middle Bhotekoshi


    SINDHUPALCHOWK, June 18 : 

    Middle Bhotekoshi HEP HeadWorkFamilies to be displaced by the Middle Bhotekoshi Hydropower Project have signed resettlement plan proposed by the project developer.

    According to the plan, the developer will provide 4 anas of land near Chaku and Jambu to each displaced family. The proposed area will have facilities like 10-feet road, electricity and drinking water supply. 

    Hari Krishna Upreti, public relation officer of the project, said the families will also receive Rs 300,000 (Rs 25,000 per month) as house rent for a year and Rs 10,000 for transportation fare to move their stuffs to the rented house. 

    “The affected families have agreed to receive compensation within 30 days. They have also agreed to vacate their property within three months after receiving compensation,” added Upreti.

    The resettlement plan, however, will cover only the houses that were built before the project started land acquisition in 2012.

    The project will also provide appropriate compensation for standing crops and trees near the houses.

    Altogether 68 families have already received compensation. However, around one and half dozen families are yet to receive compensation from the project. 

    The project has earmarked Rs 400 million to acquire 355 ropanis of land for the project. It has made commitment to provide shares worth one percent of the total cost for the displaced families.

    The 102-megawatt project is being developed by Chilime Hydropower Project. The dam of the project will be built at Marming VDC while the power house will be constructed at Gati VDC.

    Source : Republica