Upper Trishuli 3A work resumes, but at tardy pace


    Dec 21:

    trishuli3aThe construction works of the Upper Trishuli 3A, a hydropower project of 60-Megawatt capacity, have begun, albeit in a snail´s pace.
    The works of the project have failed to move ahead as the China Gezhouba Group Company, project´s developer, demanded the term extension of the project and submitted the claims for the payment.
    The project hit the snag also due to the controversy pertaining to the upgradation of project to 90-MW capacity.
    Gezhouba has submitted the claims of payment worth US $ 90 million and extension of 30 months, claiming that the project was affected due to various reasons.
    The project is unlikely to be completed by May 31, 2014 – the deadline set for the completion of the project.
    Though the company has started the construction of the access road, the construction of tunnel and dam is moving in a slow pace by employing a very few workers.
    The project was delayed as the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) could not make a decision regarding the demands of the Gezhouba.
    Hundred of Chinese and Nepali workers, who returned home after Gezhouba stopped the project works, have not come back yet.
    Only 35 percent works of the project has been completed despite NEA´s repeated requests to the developer to meet the deadline.

    Source : Republica