Upper Trishuli 3 ‘A’ to start generation within a week


September 23, 2019

RASUWA: The Upper Trishuli 3 ‘A’ is all set to start commercial generation of electricity within a week. The project is starting to generate electricity 8 years after starting the construction work of the project.

The project had started generation two months ago but testing work was yet to be completed, because of which the project had not been given the Taking-Over Certificate. According to the project, it has run total load rejection test, monitoring of the tunnel, efficiency test, high voltage test, among other tests.

Project chief Phadindra Raj Joshi said that there was preparation to provide the certificate to the company within this week. “We have completed the test work,” he said. “The report of performance test is yet to come.” After the report is received, the project, contractor and consultant will jointly inspect it.

After the inspection, the project will provide the certificate. After the commercial production starts, one year will be a period to correct the defects. The 60 MW capacity project’s 30 MW electricity from the first unit was linked to the national transmission grid on May 17, and the other 30 MW electricity produced from the second unit was linked to the grid on August 2.

The project will have 8 percent contribution to the energy consumed in the country after the project comes into full operation. The two units of the project will produce 30 MW of electricity each. The project that has dam in Rasuwa and powerhouse in Nuwakot has been constructed by the Nepal Electricity Authority. The breakthrough of the project’s tunnel was done in August 2017. The contract for the construction of the project was awarded to China Gezhouba Group Corporation (CGGC).

The agreement with the CGGC to work for the civil power house, dam, tunnel and structure, electro mechanical and hydro mechanical works in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) model was signed on July 30, 2010.

The construction of the project started in April 2011. The construction work of the project was halted for 22 months because of the 2015 earthquake. The earthquake had impacted the structures of the project. The project will be completed with an investment of Rs 13.99 billion.

The electricity produced from the project’s 3B hub is being transferred through 45 kilometers long transmission line to the substation located at Matatirtha, of which 132 KV from the powerhouse of Simle to 3B hub, 220 KV double circuit from 3B hub to Badbhanjyang and 220 KV 4 circuit transmission line from Badbhanjyang to Matatirtha have been constructed.


Source: My Republica